FTD Pharmaceutical line is about building an advanced and pioneer concept in the field of animal health with a concentration on the principal aims of our customers by using the most modem techniques and means in order to provide our customers with integrated solutions.




L.S.A. is an Italian company with more than 20 years of experience, is focused on sales and export of nutritional solutions and veterinary products as well as raw material for livestock and poultry, L.S.A products featuring with high quality through selecting the best raw materials to obtain the best results in addition to the large experience in this field.



Vaksindo is a member of Japfa group

Established in 1983, Vaksindo is the first animal vaccine manufacturer in Indonesia and a strategic link in Japfa Comfeed’s value chain. We produce a variety of livestock vaccines especially for poultry that are routinely used in hatcheries, breeding farms and commercial farms.