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  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution is an individual Egyptian company pursuant to the Egyptian law of establishing individual companies.

  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution is considered as one of the oldest companies in the field of animal health in Egypt as it was established by Eng. Abdelalim Wakid in 1989.

  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution has the power and popularity in this field in the Egyptian market through the continuous development for more than 20 years.

  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution signs agency contracts with major international companies and manufactures its products in the best Egyptian factories.

  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution always seeks to keep its trade mark powerful and unique through the great variety in its products.

  • Elfath for Trading and Distribution always seeks to widen its base of customers in order to gain different and new experience continuously which will be useful in the developing process.




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  • Our vision is about building an advanced and pioneer concept in the field of animal health with a concentration on the principal aims of our customers by using the most modern techniques and means in order to provide our customers with integrated solutions.

  • In the next years we will work on developing these vision and concept in order to make ElFath for Trading and Distribution one of the pioneer and contributing firms in the field of animal health and solve the problems of animal wealth to raise its productive efficiency.

  • Permanent study of local and international markets to achieve greater effective diffusivity of our products based on market requirements, which are different for each market separately and always strive to offer those requirements in complete and best way.



Our mission is to contribute in solving the problems of animal wealth through the following:

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  • Defining the problems that face the current and future animal wealth which can continuously threaten the productive efficiency; this will be done through using the best methods and means to define them accurately.

  • Pursuing all that is new in the field of animal health locally and internationally and the continuous updating of studies and information in order to facilitate finding the best solutions.

  • Searching for effective and powerful solutions as soon as possible in order to reduce the damages.

  • Providing the best methods and solutions to overcome the largest proportion possible of problems and in time.

  • Support the health of animals, as well as the farmers, veterinarians and the families that care for them through our offering of innovative therapies and solutions.

  • Leading select specialty markets in creating value for our customers and growth for our Company through our products, services and relationships, while providing personal and professional growth for our employees.